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What is Smart Fan Rod/Pipe?

Smart Fan Rod is a specially designed ceiling fan down rod / pipe for preventing suicide by hanging from fan.

What is Anti Suicide Fan Rod?

Anti Suicide Fan rod is other name of Smart Fan Rod that can be used for hanging ceiling fan. Any attempt to get hanged from the fan fitted with Anti Suicide / Smart Fan Rod will failed. Thus, life will be saved. Hence, it is also called Anti Suicide Fan Rod.

What is Smart Fan?

Smart Fan uses Smart Fan Down Rod, instead of normal Down Rod / pipe, which does not offer safety.

How will the Smart / Anti Suicide Fan Rod help prevent suicide attempt?

“Unlike ordinary fan down rod/pipe, the Smart Fan Rod – pipe has two parts, upper and lower, which are held together with a specially designed spring mechanism. Any attempt to get hanged from fan fitted with Smart Fan Rod will get foiled, as due to excess load on the fan, the Smart Fan Rod joint gets separated and the spring in it gets expanded. Hence, a person trying to hang will land on the ground safely.

Further, due to spring, the fan always will remain above the head, causing no injury.”

Is the Smart / Anti Suicide Fan Rod safe enough for hanging Ceiling fan?

“Yes, it is very much safe. The Smart Fan Rod is designed to hang fan and run it for life time. The rod has been tested for factor of safety 3 time the weight of fan 5 kgs. Further, the rod will open only if the load on fan exceeds over 20kgs. MSME has tested for these factors. as well as for running the fan continuously to the satisfaction and test reports for the same.

Over 10, 000 Smart Fan Rods are in use in Home, Hotels & Hostels for over one year now. In our own lab, Smart Fan rod was tested for working for over 2.5 years. Thus, its usage for fan has been well established”.

What happens to Smart Fan Rod if the fan gets jam?

The Smart Fan Rod joint is designed with teeth to withstand torsion / rotational force up to 10 Kgf.. The fan gets jam basically due to bearing jam, that may create rotational force on rod of about 2Kgf only. Therefore, no damage will be done to the rod, as it is designed to take 4 times more than expected torsion force due to jamming of bearing. However, we recommend to get the service of fan done or replace the fan for safe operation.

Will the fan vibrate or make noice if Smart Fan Rod is used?

No. The Smart Fan Rod is as good as normal solid fan rod/pipe. It will open up only if the load on fan exceeds over 20Kg.

Will the electric wire of Smart Fan Rod create heat / spark or fire?

No, the wire used are FR and and ISI mark. The joint is protected with special insulation sleeve. The wire assembly is duly tested by MSME for heating, high voltage and insulation resistance to their satisfaction. No abnormalities found on samples.

If due to excess load, pipe joint opens and spring expands, will it not cause short circuit if the fan is switched on?

No, the Smart Fan Rod is designed to take care of this aspect. The wire joint is covered with long insulating sleeve, such that when joint opens, the upper bare wire remains in the sleeve.

Ceiling fan blades are required to cleaned frequently. Will there be any problem to Smart Fan Rod while cleaning the blades?

“As mentioned in A4, the Smart Fan pipe joint will get opened only if the load on fan exceeds 20kg. Cleaning / wiping of blades does not offer much load and hence there can be no problem. In fact, the Smart Fan rod is also tested for this cleaning operation.

However, it is recommended not to give unnecessary pressure on the blade OR try to pull it down. The stool or ladder to be used should be tall enough so that fan blades can be cleaned easily and no undue pressure excerpts on the blades while wiping them off.”

Why is the Smart Fan Rod introduced?

As per National Crime Record Bureo (NCRB) of India, over 1.3 lacs suicides are taking place in country every year. Of wchich 60 Thousand (46%) suicides are taking place by means of hanging. Of which, it is estimated that 36 Thousand suicides are taking place by means of fan. To curb the suides in the country, thereby save lives, a Smart Fan Rod / Anti Suicide Fan rod is introduced. It is patented.

Can the existing fan rod / pipe used for hanging fan, replaced with Smart Fan Rod/pipe?

Yes, the Smart Fan down rod is designed to replace any brand of existing fan down rod. This special fan pipe has different safety holes to fix safety screew of any brand fan. In other words, the Smart Fan down rod is made for universal application. (See Installation instruction).

For New Fan, Can the Smart Fan Rod be used?

Yes, as mentioned in A10, this Smart Fan down rod / pipe can be used in place of ordinary fan rod / pipe that comes with new fan. The Smart Fan rod is available in standard White, Brown and Ivory colors. The metallic color for decorative fans are also made as per request.

What size of Smart Fan Rod available?

Normally, with new fan, about 10″ length pipe is provided. Accordingly, Smart Fan Rod is made available for 10″ standard length. For low ceiling 8″ rods are also made available. For high ceiling, safe fan rod of 12” and above- of any size are made at request.

What if a very old ceiling fan is there and its pipe is to be replaced with Smart Fan Pipe?

Unlike new fan, which uses bolt and nut for fitting, old fan-over 20 years, may have threaded fitting. The Smart Fan pipe can be made as per requirement.

In the case Smart Fan Rod opens, can it be re used?

If Smart Fan Rod opens due to excess load on the fan, then it remains open, as the spring in the rod remains expanded and it does not go back to normal position. Hence, rod cannot be used if it has opened. The rod has to be replaced by other Smart Fan Rod. Please note, if the rod opens due to suicide attempt, then we give free replacement of rod.